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Get a Perfect Smile Instantly

Smile Fast Clinic has developed one of the most advanced and fastest teeth whitening systems now on the market.

Avoid poorer imitations as your teeth deserve only the best and latest advanced technology.

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Premium Teeth Whitening Products

Our Premium Kit is our most effective and best selling system. Whiten your smile 7 shades whiter.

Customer Satisfaction

Smile Fast Clinic pride itself on keeping customers happy. All our products comes with 30 days money back guarantee.

Free Worldwide Shipping

We offer free worldwide shipping to our customers on our selected range of products.

Fully Automatic Teethwhitening Toothbrush

360˚ Brushing of All Aspects of The Whole through ultrasound technology, combined with unique U type toothbrush mouth, innovative design.

Just 10-15 seconds to complete an all-round brushing action.


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Save $$$ on dentist visits and get a perfect smile at home

With Smile Fast Clinic's at home teeth whitening kits, you can achieve a brilliant toothy grin from your couch, all for a lot less than a dentist visit and without the hassle. Why not give yourself a stunning smile from the comfort of your own home?


Our Top Reviews

I was blown away.. Just in the first 5 days of using it for 20 min a day there was a huge difference in my teeth! I recommend this product to everyone who wants a brighter smile!

Renee G

I love the product and the ease of its use. I was amazed after the first time I used it since I immediately saw some results. Love love love this product.

Sarah P

My teeth Have never been this white before. After one use I could see a huge difference. Also the staff is so wonderful and the customer service is amazing!

Belinda R